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BZdoorBeit Zatoun

Located in downtown Toronto, Beit Zatoun is a cultural centre, gallery and community meeting space that promotes the interplay of art, culture and politics to explore issues of social justice and human rights, both locally and internationally.

Through music, poetry, film, public forums, visual art, conversations and more, Beit Zatoun aims to contribute to an understanding of social and political issues in ways that strengthen and connect both movements and individuals interested in bringing about change.

Beit Zatoun means “House of Olive” in Arabic (Beit is house in both Arabic and Hebrew and Zatoun is olive). This reflects the focus of our work: to bring peace and justice to Palestine and Palestinians and to use the space and resources to achieve the same goals in a broader global context.

Who is Beit Zatoun?

Beit Zatoun is us.  It is the volunteers and the many individuals, justice and human rights groups and diverse communities who come together at Beit Zatoun to meet, learn and be in solidarity.  Together we are creating a vibrant voice in the art and culture landscape of Toronto.

Inspired by justice, truth and beauty, all are invited to engage in grassroots learning and shared experience through the medium of culture and art.

Exclusively Community Supported

Beit Zatoun is a registered non-profit NGO and a community-funded centre which opened in February 2010.  It receives no funding from government or agencies.

Beit Zatoun received seed money from Zatoun, Fair Trade Olive Oil from Palestine (a Canadian non-profit NGO).  Ongoing funding comes from admission to events, space rental and donations from individuals as well as a small surplus on products sold at the store.

Beit Zatoun is independent, nonaligned and open to ideas, groups and communities working towards understanding, justice and human rights.


Beit Zatoun was voted Best Place To Get New Ideas in Toronto by Now Readers Poll

The charming House of Olives, with its high ceilings and Depression-glass chandelier, has borne witness to every major debate and deliberation in the progressive movement. The venue, originally established to push peace and justice in the Middle East, hosts enough panels, discussions, lectures and films to easily crowd a personal activist agenda. No question, the refreshment table’s bread squares for dipping into fair trade olive oil (sold on site) add a special grace to leftie debate.

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