NOW Magazine – Winner Beit Zatoun: Best Place To Get New Ideas

November 2013

The charming House of Olives, with its high ceilings and Depression-glass chandelier, has borne witness to every major debate and deliberation in the progressive movement. The venue, originally established to push peace and justice in the Middle East, hosts enough panels, discussions, lectures and films to easily crowd a personal activist agenda. No question, the refreshment table’s bread squares for dipping into fair trade olive oil (sold on site) add a special grace to leftie debate.


Sorry I left Toronto

I feel I want to come back to Toronto now that there is Beit Zatoun.

A reason to move to Toronto

Beit Zatoun is 45% factor in my decision to accept a job in Toronto.

“Fresh from the Bottle” by Bill Bohn

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil can, unlike the lesser olive oils, be enjoyed straight from the bottle. Pour the oil into a shallow bowl and use crusty bread or pita to dip into the bowl. Dipping the bread into another bowl of dried or fresh herbs (Zatar) adds a punch to the snack while complementing the flavour of the oil.

Bill Bohn.”Suggested Serving” Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved.

Beit Zatoun to open in downtown Toronto

The new year heralds a new beginning.  Zatoun is very pleased to announce:

 Opening in downtown Toronto – Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Housed in a beautiful, large space with a terrific location at Bathurst and Bloor, Beit Zatoun looks to fulfill its mission to be an art and culture venue.

Beit Zatoun (translates as “House of Olive”) is a gallery and performance space for the justice and human rights community in Toronto. It aims to raise awareness and create greater understanding as ultimate means to peace through art and culture by hosting exhibits, talks, screenings, plays, music, dance, workshops, and a resource centre.

Although at the core, the question of Israel/Palestine is but an intersection point for many struggles and human dimensions.  Beit Zatoun invites and welcomes all communities resisting oppression and affirming the rights of individuals everywhere to live in dignity and freedom.

Beit Zatoun is also the global office and centre for Project Hope, a long-time partner of Zatoun.  All Zatoun products will be available for sale at Beit Zatoun.

Regular Hours:

Wednesday,             12 noon to 6 pm
Thursday & Friday,   12 noon to 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday,  11 am to 6 pm
Monday & Tuesday,  Closed

Events will extend beyond the posted times.

Please visit us during these hours and attend our special events.

Located at 612 Markham St., one door south of Bloor (Bathurst subway)

Call to confirm, if unsure: 647-726-9500.  Also visit: