As a young Jew who grew up believing that Palestine was not real, but rather an invention by “The Arabics” to tear Israel down, I had a hard time learning that my worldview was way, way off. Over the last few years, I completely changed the way I looked at things, and began to distance myself from Israel’s actions (toward the Palestinian people amongst other things). Then recently, I became deeply interested in the conflict. I began a project looking at how (if at all) religion was a factor in Israel versus Palestine. One day, I was incredibly lucky, and stumbled across Beit Zatoun. Tentatively, I stepped inside and posed a few questions. Immediately, Robert and the others their welcomed me in and began to discuss with me. I was invited to workshops, put in contact with valuable resources, and exposed to a beautiful, vibrant culture. I am so grateful to everyone at Beit Zatoun for their care and efforts to visualize and discuss Palestine. Within the community, I was exposed to so many incredible things!

Thank you all for everything!!
You will be missed, and I only wish I’d come sooner!