Volunteering is at the heart of Beit Zatoun and all activism. Volunteers provide more than time or energy, they bring the goodwill and relationships which make something alive and exciting. Beit Zatoun’s success from its beginning in 2010 rests on word of mouth and enthusiasm.

Volunteering at Beit Zatoun takes three forms of activity:

  • Daytime staff i.e. “staff the store” during regular hours (Thurs/Fri noon to 6pm + Sat/Sun noon to 5pm) you can sign up for minimum 1 day per month.
  • Event staffing i.e. assist with staffing an event (usually evening). Involves preparing coffee, tea, etc.  Arranging seats & AV equipment. Being at door collecting admission.  Selling oil, etc. to guests.
  • Special projects or functions (do not require being at Beit Zatoun). These functions usually require particular expertise, example: research certain issues, social media or other aspect, promotion, fundraising, etc.

Please send a CV or resume with the form below to help us understand your interests, motivation and background.   The goal is to have you do things that interest you, and are suited to your skills and experience.

To volunteer or to learn more, please complete the form below.

Beit Zatoun is closed permanently and this form for volunteers is no longer active. Thank you for your interest.